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We will make benefits for our customers, and contribute to making the profits for our shareholders and the development of our nation by developing the best quality products with enthusiasm and challenge.

KODIS' Business Ethics Statement

KODI will fulfill its social responsibility through basic ethics, and apply healthy enterprise culture as well as maximizing the enterprise value by following transparent business management and consistent business management innovation. We will pursue the development of all the related individuals, and fulfill the dreams of our employee into reality. We hereby state the following standards of our business philosophy.

  • 1 We will always provide the best product and the best serive for customer satisfaction
  • 2 We will strive to maximize the value of our investors
  • 3 We will contribute to the development of our community and our nation by maximizing mutual profit instead of focusing on our own individual profits
  • 4 We will establish a short, middle, and long term plan in order to increase public profits by developing the new products and reducing the production cost
  • 5 We will strive to fulfill our responsibilities and obligations by complying with our business philosophy