Ethical Management

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Ethical Management

KODI's Business Ethics Statement

KODI will fulfill its social responsibility through basic ethics, and apply healthy enterprise culture as well as maximizing the enterprise value by following transparent business management and consistent business management innovation. We will pursue the development of all the related individuals, and fulfill the dreams of our employee into reality. We hereby state the following standards of our business philosophy.

  • 1 We will always provide the best product and the best serive for customer satisfaction
  • 2 We will strive to maximize the value of our investors
  • 3 We will contribute to the development of our community and our nation by maximizing mutual profit instead of focusing on our own individual profits
  • 4 We will establish a short, middle, and long term plan in order to increase public profits by developing the new products and reducing the production cost
  • 5 We will strive to fulfill our responsibilities and obligations by complying with our business philosophy

KODI’s Ethics Charter

  • 1 All employees shall not cause damage to property by using the company’s property privately or by using the for other purpose.
  • 2 All employees shall not request for money or impose unfair contract conditions or managing intervention using their superior position in business
  • 3 All employees shall adhere to the basic manners necessary for work life and do not engage in harassing actions such as unpleasant conduct or slander of other employees
  • 4 All employees shall not engage in unfair solicitation, excessive gifts or monetary transactions
  • 5 All employees shall comply with all laws and regulations, and act with their conscience in carrying out their duties
  • 6 All employees shall not leak or unfairly use acquisition information in related with company
  • 7 All employees shall provide accurately and promptly about information what customers should know or inform
  • 8 All employees shall be fully aware of the importance of environment issues, and comply with environment laws and regulations in domestic and international, and also strive for environment protection and pollution prevention.